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3 Traits of Successful Sales People

3 Traits of Successful Sales People
By Jason Dempsey

There are numerous sales people in the world. In fact, sales is the highest populated position across the planet. The main factor for this is because it is one of the highest paying careers throughout the world. Of course, not every sales person is successful and only five percent of those who are make the kind of money most people only dream about.

Among these top selling sales professionals are three characteristics to which each adheres. Many other sales representatives know of these three traits, but simply do not apply them. Then there are those who do not know what the three shared qualities are.

What are the three traits of successful sales people? Quite simply they are:
  • 1. Know your product.
  • 2. Believe in your product.
  • 3. Understand the secret of your product.
Sounds simple enough doesn't it? The truth is, it is simple. Most do not comprehend what it means, though, to know, believe in and understand the secret of their product.

The first key of successful sales is to know your product. I mean to truly know and understand exactly what it is that you are selling. You should know every aspect of your product so that no matter what question a prospect may propose you have an answer--an honest answer-- available for them. Do not limit yourself to just knowing the cost of the product or memorizing the sales letter/pitch. Speak to the manufacturer of the product, if you can, and obtain as much documentation or material that they have available. When you truly know what it is that you are selling you are going to build confidence within yourself and gain the coveted confidence and trust of the prospect.

Confidence has a snowball effect. Once it starts to build inside of you it only becomes stronger and larger. When you start presenting your product with undeniable confidence you will notice that your sales begin to increase. In order to build that confidence you must know your product inside and out. So, get to know exactly what you are selling.

The second key is to believe in your product. If you truly believe in your product--you believe in what it does, you believe in what it can do for others--then you are going to sell with much more enthusiasm. People can tell when a sales person does not have a true belief in their product. They have a certain transparency about them. One example I give of believing in a product is a personal one.

I have a deep rooted belief in what the Affiliate Cash Secrets system can do for people. Every day I see people earning money simply by using it. It is apparent who understands the system and believes in it because they are making considerably larger sums of money than those that attempt it half-heartedly. I believe in the system because I am one of those who profits generously every day from it. Because of this belief I am very enthusiastic about providing it to others and I know that they will prosper as well. If I did not believe in the Affiliate Cash System then I would not even attempt to market it. Likewise, if you simply can not bring yourself to believe in the product you are selling then don't. Find another product to market. If you do not truly believe in your product then you will never be as successful as you could be.

The final key is to understand the secret of your product. What is the secret of your product? Well, that is going to differ for every product, but at the same time it is essentially the same. The secret to any product is what it can do for the customer. What can it provide that will better the prospect's life, fulfill a need in their life, or satisfy a want in their life. Every product has this secret no matter what the product is. Affiliate Cash Secrets gives anybody willing to put forth a small amount of effort the opportunity to earn a great income, which in turn creates more choices for them in life. That is its secret. So, figure out what secret your product is holding and combine that knowledge with the other two traits of success.

Once you understand the secret of your product it will only help to strengthen your belief in it. As you begin to believe in it you will automatically become enthusiastic about getting it out to the world. When your enthusiasm is combined with the confidence you have gained, by knowing all the particulars of your product, you will notice an incredible increase in your sales.

So take the three traits--know your product, believe in your product, and understand the secret of your product--and apply them to whatever it is you are currently selling. If you can't apply all three then it is time to promote something new. Something that will make you one of the top five percent in the world.

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